Safety of our traders



Trust and Transparency

Access Direct cares about your privacy and security. We follow strict compliance procedures, reporting guidelines and take all required measures to ensure our client’s funds are kept safe.

Your funds

Segregated Trust Account

All funds are held in a segregated bank account, where all client’s funds are separated from the Company’s own funds and monitored in accordance with applicable legal frameworks.
Your funds

Anti-money laundering

Access Direct proactively monitor all clients in order to prevent money laundering and corruption. Any financial crimes are reported and we will always do our utmost to stop them, therefore deposits and withdrawals must be made to the same person as the trading account holder. We do not allow any third-party payments.

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Recognised Financial Supervisor


We follow the licensing framework set by The Financial Services Commission Mauritius (FSC). The framework provides clear sets of licensing criteria and requirements that protect clients of non-bank financial services sector and global businesses.